Sunday School 9:30 AM
Worship Celebration 10:45 AM
Choir Practice 5:00 PM
Evening Worship 6:00 PM
Family Meal - All Are Welcome 6:00 PM
Mission Friends, GA's & RA's 6:30 PM
Prayer Service 6:30 AM

Welcome to the website of Calvary Baptist Church in Denison, Texas!

We hope this site will help you know more about our church family.

Our greatest joy is helping you to get closer to Jesus. 

We invite you to come join us!

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Brand new air conditioner units are being installed throughout our church building!

At this time, the workers are in the process of installing the largest unit, which will cool our main sanctuary.

During this time, we will temporarily relocating our Sunday morning worship services to our chapel.

The new air conditioning for the chapel is already up and running, so this temporary move will enable us to stay cool during our Sunday morning services.  We anticipate being able to move back into the sanctuary within a week or two.






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 1 Chronicles 4:41 (NLT)
But during the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah, the leaders of Simeon invaded it and completely destroyed the homes of the descendants of Ham and of the Meunites. They killed everyone who lived there and took the land for themselves, because they wanted its good pastureland for their flocks.
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