Children's Church

Each Sunday morning following Sunday School, the children begin the worship service in the main sanctuary with the adults.  They remain together for a song and the time of welcome, because we believe that it is important for the children to understand that they are a part of the greater church family.  Then the children are dismissed to follow Ms. Cindy and the volunteer leaders to the Chapel, where the children's service takes place.  

Each Sunday morning Ms. Cindy leads our children (through the 6th grade) in their very own worship service.  Our children's church service is designed to mirror the adult worship service and prepare the children to be comfortable with and able to fully participate in the regular adult service when the time comes.  The children begin their service by singing children's worship songs.  They then have a special time of prayer that is used to teach the children how to pray aloud and to help them become comfortable praying in front of others.  (Some children are a little shy about praying aloud, and that's okay, too.)  Each week our children have their own Bible lesson and at the conclusion of the service the children all gather in a circle, holding hands while Ms. Cindy leads them in a closing prayer.  Then they end with a closing song.  At the completion of the service, the children are asked to remain in the the Chapel where they can be supervised until an adult comes for them.

On 5th Sundays (when 5 Sunday happen to fall in one month) we have Family Worship.  On these special days, we do not have a special children's service, but the children remain in the main sanctuary to worship alongside the rest of the church family.  We believe that it is important for the children's spiritual growth and maturity for them to observe the adults in their lives participating in active worship.  Sometimes the children will sing a special song or lead a scripture reading on 5th Sundays.  During times of Family Worship, we ask that every child sit with either an adult family member or an assigned worship mentor, who can help to guide them as they participate in the worship service.  If any adults would like to volunteer to serve as a worship mentor for children who do not have any family members in the service, please contact Bro. Tim.